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I'm Cleo, in my 20s and a student. I am originally from Russia and therefore speak the language fluently, but have been living in Germany for most of my life and therefore speak both German and English.

My character is very multifaceted, I can exude a calming effect, but also be very energetic, that depends entirely on which side of me you would like to get to know.

Regardless of that, I am very empathetic, warm and good listener; my friends attribute me therapeutic properties. In general, I enjoy working closely with people, especially the physical and emotional work, and I find that this has an incredible potential to get to know each other and our bodies better and to experience wonderful experiences.

I have brown eyes and sensual lips, I am also very proud of my body, as I can handle and seduce it well.

Let me guide you on the way to escape your everyday life and clear your mind.


I'm happy for you.

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