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Lava shell

The Lava Shell massage comes from the Fiji Islands and is only offered in Europe in very few massage parlors. Enjoy this unforgettable experience with us now. Lava Shells are the world's first self-heating massager. The massage is done with real handpicked and polished shells. Before the massage, the shells are filled with lavagel, which heats up during the massage itself. Therefore, the heat sources, such as. As the hot stone massage, not be changed. The warm shells solve even the deepest tension and loosen up the muscles. The body stores the heat effect long after the massage. The massage is done with varying pressure along the energy pathways of the body. In this way, blockages and tension are released. They sink into a state of deepest relaxation. 
The massage may only be performed by specially trained masseurs.
Minimum book time - 1 hour 
This massage costs plus 50, - Euro
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