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All employees are  Freelancers and design their offers and prices themselves. Luxuria only provides the rooms. For the basic massages and those that can be booked  Massages they have agreed internally on the prices,  so that there are no disagreements.

All freelancers can also be reached privately on other "channels" (mail, WhatsApp, etc.). Please speak in  If necessary, the practitioner will respond personally.

Our telephone number is available for making appointments  

0151/712 721 05

or mail

available or via the  private contact with the masseuse.


Walk Inn - you have lunch break and long for a short break ?!

20 minutes - 60 euros (total price) - only without an appointment!

30 minutes -  80 euros (total price)

45  Minutes - 100 euros

60 minutes - 120 euros

90 minutes - 180 euros

120 minutes - 240 euros

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