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Fees and content of the sessions

The erotic massage

My erotic massages are skillful because I am a trained masseuse. I give my massages very close to the body and yes, you are welcome to touch me almost anywhere, except my intimate area. 

I love pampering you with extensive lingam massages and they are an important part of my massages. It's not a quick 5 minute hand relaxer;Exciting, tantric massage lasting approx. 20 minutes, which only revolves around your sensitive area.

I am also happy to give exclusive 1-hour (or longer) Lingam massages.

If you book for an hour or more, you are welcome to reach the climax several times.come.

During erotic massage I do not offer any type of intercourse. This time is purely intended for your relaxation - not mine ;).





30 minutes - 80 euros

45 minutes - 100 euros

60 minutes - 120 euros

90 minutes - 180 euros

every additional half hour 60 euros

The erotically dominant massage:

Things are getting hot here too, just a different pace.

I love to play. This also includes torturing yourself a little (at your request, of course)..

Tease and Denial, one of my favorites


Face slapping 




Dilator (urethral stretching)

Come on, let's play and dominate you...




30 minutes - 120 euros

45 minutes - 140 euros

60 minutes - 160 euros

90 minutes - 220 euros


Uhhhhhh, I love it and have a lot of experience with it. I am an academic and therefore not only the passionately wild lover, but also a wonderful conversation partner. At your side I will not be as escort""stand out" because I know how to dress and "behave". 

Escort includes “full service”, including traffic. I have few taboos and like to meet couples.

But please offer me at least a 4 star hotel. I already know most of the really good hotels in Berlin, only the Hotel de Rome is still pending :).

We would be happy to have a meal and/or bar together in advance so that you can "empathize".


Fee  Escort (from 3 hours):


3 hours - 600,-

5 hours  - 1000,-

Overnight - 1600,-


I don't offer "caviar" games. 

Furthermore, I don't want to be exposed to pain.


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